I have been in business 43 years now...

During that time I have built and renovated residential houses and commercial buildings from law courts and book stores to pubs and high end offices.

I have supervised dozens of high value tradesmen and women and hand crafted fine furniture,
manufactured church pews, courtroom seating and designed and built fine furniture for million dollar homes.

Over the past 43 years I have enjoyed working with some of the finest craftsmen available including wood carvers, wood burners, sculpturers and french polishers and enjoyed everyones passion in every project we undertook.

I can now say that after 43 years, I am starting over.

Due to a partial building collapse as a result of horrific snow loading this past winter in New Brunswick we have moved west to start over.

Please click on “THE HOUSE” for information about every detail of this unique log home.


If you lost touch with us since we met at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas last January, I am sorry.

If you would like to follow the progress of our first installation from start to finish, please click here.

Call or email now so we can get caught back up now - yurtguy51@gmail.com

250 415 9628